We are proudly supplied by independent retailer Gay’s The Word, the UK’s oldest Gay and Lesbian bookshop. Founded in 1979, Gay’s the Word provided a place for queer people to access resources and literature, meet socially, and feel connected to their community. Selling queer books was a radical move in 1979. Sex between men was still criminalised in parts of the UK, the age of consent was still 21 and Section 28 was looming. HM Customs and Excise, a department of the government, called the books pornographic and regularly raided the shop, seizing thousands of pounds worth of stock.

Gay’s The Word survived this, rising London rent, the arrival of Amazon, and still receives the odd brick through the window. In the face of all this, what we’re left with is a jewel of our community. The shop is warm and inviting. The staff are friendly, conversational, full of recommendations and regularly offer a shoulder to cry on for the people who are overwhelmed being in such a special place.

This is why it’s so awesome that we are partnering with them! By subscribing to Queer Book Box you’re supporting this radical and iconic institution. Click here for more info on them.